Project Updates

May 15, 2024

Project Update 5/15/2024

As we transition into spring and warmer weather, our earthwork Trade Partner has been on-site preparing for the installation of pavement and sidewalks around the building. The higher temperatures have also enabled our landscaper to commence work around the building and throughout the park/play area on the north side of the site. This landscape work has certainly enhanced the center’s finished appearance.

Inside the building, we have completed the pouring of pool decks and securing of our trench drain, which brings us one step closer to finalizing the pools. The building has begun to feel more complete with the installation of lighting, plumbing, and our tile and coatings.

With summer approaching, we plan to continue with interior finishes and look forward to powering the building once the electrical gear is set this week!

March 26, 2024

Project Update 3/26/2024

Construction has been steadily progressing since our last post, with a number of updates that have taken place. Just as planned, we have initiated the installation of drywall, tape, texture, and paint throughout the entire building. At present, we have hung nearly all of the drywall with the exception of a few areas that are still being fine-tuned. Our drywall crew has finalized the smooth finish on the second floor and has been working diligently downstairs, with our painters staggered just behind them. As of right now we have paint throughout the building. All of the paint work has also allowed us to begin setting frames and fitting glass panels on the second floor.

Recently, tile work has been a significant focus. Our crews are putting the final touches on the upstairs flooring and are moving downstairs to the men’s restroom. Additionally, we recently began coordination for the competition pool’s trench drain! This is a challenging task that requires a lot of teamwork from our partners in earthwork, concrete, and plumbing, but it brings us closer to pouring the pool’s perimeter slab. Pouring this slab will really help to bring a more finished feeling to the interior of the building.

Looking ahead, we still have plenty of work involving most, if not all, of our Trade Partners as we aim to wrap up the building in the coming months. Nevertheless, we look forward to bringing this building to its final stages!

February 8, 2024

Project Update 2/8/2024

Construction of the Moana Springs Community Aquatics & Fitness Center is progressing quickly, with several updates since our last report. Observers from the road can now see the installation of the clerestory glass on both natatoriums. Additionally, work on the exterior metal panels on the south side of the building is well underway. With the roofing completed, the final touches on these finishes mark the last steps in enclosing the building’s envelope.

With much of this envelope in place and a warm and dry interior to work in, our Trade Partners are diligently working on insulation and drywall for the interior walls. Excitingly, the completion of these walls indicates that we will soon be ready for paint and tile throughout the interior.

In the next update, a significant portion, if not most, of the pool’s mechanical systems should be complete. Furthermore, we are hopeful to commence work on tile and plaster, steadily progressing towards our target fill date for the pools.

November 13, 2023

Project Update 11/13/2023

As we gear up for winter’s arrival, our top priority is closing up the Moana Springs Aquatic & Fitness Center. If you happen to stroll by, you can’t miss the large strides we’ve made this month. The natatorium spaces have received almost all of the 70 precast concrete panels that will wrap and insulate the building. Some of these hefty panels tip the scales at over 20,000 pounds, demanding the skillful touch of our fantastic building partners. In addition, our exterior framing is racing toward the finish line, and the interior framing is making steady headway. With framing nearly done and our precast walls firmly in place, it’s time to start measuring and installing the glass to seal up the building. Wrapping up the building façade just as Winter knocks on our door is no walk in the park, but it’s absolutely vital to keep the momentum going strong throughout the season.

October 11, 2023

Project Update 10/11/2023

The construction of the Moana Springs Aquatic & Fitness Center is proceeding smoothly. Since our last update, we have completed all perimeter concrete work, with only the pool decks remaining to be finished. As we enter October, one of the project’s most exciting phases is about to begin: the excavation of the pools. While the pool excavation is underway, construction in the central area of the building (including the lobby, locker rooms, restrooms, showers, and recreation room) will continue to make significant progress with framing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical system installation.

August 1, 2023

Project Update 8/1/2023

Construction of the Moana Springs Community Aquatics & Fitness Center is well underway. The reception and locker room areas are starting to take shape with utility tie-ins and a concrete pad ready to accept framing and be overlayed with flooring.  Sub-grade concrete pits that will provide the mechanical heartbeat for operation of the pools have also been constructed.  This portion of construction sets the stage for erection of the steel mainframe which began mid July and will continue into early August. Once the steel mainframe is squared and true, precast concrete panels will be installed to provide modern aesthetics.  Moving forward, construction will be fast paced.  We look forward to the near future, as vertical construction complements the shape of the future Moana Springs facility.

June 12, 2023

Project Update 06/5/2023

Over the past few weeks, CORE’s trade partners have made great strides installing the building’s underground utilities. So far we have roughed-in much of the underground plumbing as we finish pouring the last foundation elements. This week, we are very excited to kick off trenching for the pool’s utilities as the pool contractor joins the team on site. With all this underground work underway, our team is eager to go vertical and bring this structure to life. Currently, we expect to see steel on-site at the beginning of July, with erection of the structure to follow just a couple weeks later.

May 1, 2023

Project Update 05/1/2023

The building permit for the Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center has been approved. Construction is really ramping up on the project as building layout and excavation are well underway, opening the door for various trades to begin acclimating themselves to the jobsite. CORE is currently charting and excavating the building’s footings and will soon begin to pour concrete for the steel structure with steel erection and underground utilities to follow.  We are thrilled to get started and provide more updates in the coming months!

March 20, 2023

Project Update 03/20/2023

Following a brief break due to weather restrictions, construction has resumed on the Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center! CORE has managed to complete a few important items over the last few month despite the snowy conditions. Most notable was the construction of the enclosure for the NV Energy transformer and the completion of underground BIM coordination efforts. CORE is currently gearing up for excavation and preparation of the building’s pad after approval of the building permit. This signifies a large milestone in construction as it commences the start of the building’s foundation.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months as site traffic picks up and the structure begins to take shape. Our team is very excited for the oncoming warm weather and, ultimately, the next phase of construction.

December 22, 2022

Project Update 12/22/22

Construction of the Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center continues into winter with minor site work and underground utility installation.  Baker Lane closures are expected to be temporary as needed for utility and paving work.

The City of Reno welcomes contributions from our community for the Moana Springs Community Aquatics and Fitness Center. Your gift will impact thousands and will continue for generations to come.